About Envestnet/PMC

The primary investment objective and focus at Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC (FWA) is to strengthen the relationship between the advisor and the client by adding value at all stages of the investment process.  Both the advisor and the client face a constantly changing marketplace and continuously evolving needs.  Combining our forty plus years of industry experience with Envestnet/PMC, a firm that provides exceptional wealth management solutions, offers the client an excellent starting point.

Envestnet/PMC without question is our primary Alliance Partner. Portfolio Management Consultants (PMC) has a proven history of providing analytical consulting and disciplined investment solutions to advisors and their clients for over twenty five years. Asset allocation is the fundamental philosophy at PMC, and they consider the most critical determinant of an investment program’s long-term success.

At FWA we combine, within the Envestnet/PMC Unified Managed Account Program, a diversification of asset classes with various institutional portfolio managers creating an efficient and customized portfolio.  Basically we provide sophisticated solutions that address the complex needs of our client’s.

The FWA process begins with completing the Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC Confidential Investor Profile. After completion of the profile, discussions are held, conference calls are arranged and meetings are established to discuss in greater detail client goals, objectives and risk tolerance. After discussions and at the client’s request we will prepare a formal investment proposal for consideration.

If the client finds the proposal and related documents satisfactory, we would proceed with the funding of the account, asset allocation to various institutional portfolio managers, implementation and monitoring. When the account is fully functional the daily client account information available is very extensive. To learn more about Envestnet/PMC click here.

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