Envestnet/PMC Daily Client Information

A. Client Overview

  1. Inception date
  2. Total Current Value of the Account as of the previous day
  3. Client’s net investment
  4. Performance from inception, year to date and for the most recent quarter

B. Activities and Performance Summary

  1. Provides the above information
  2. indicates the dollar gain or loss from inception, year to date and for the quarter
  3. Reflects any contributions or withdrawals
  4. Shows the account capital appreciation
  5. Dividends Received
  6. Interest Income
  7. The portfolio performance vs. the appropriate market benchmarks
  8. Performance of the S&P 500 Index during the period
  9. Bond performance during the period

C. Aggregate Summary

D. Detail of the monthly performance

E. Performance by each manager in the portfolio

F. Point to Point Performance

G. All holding and their individual performance is reflected

H. Realized and unrealized Gain & Losses

I. All transactions are reflected

J. Income received and source of income, Tax Estimates and one(1099)