Functions of an Investment Advisor Representative

owenatdeskThere are a multitude of functions an investment advisor representative performs on a daily basis, some routine and some considered paramount to a successful client and advisor relationship. Today, it seems everyone’s efforts have become more specialized. Regardless of the activity I believe one must focus their particular talent in a few core areas to be successful. Any advisor who believes he or she can be all things to all people all the time is living in an unrealistic world.

For the past two decades my investment activities have been directed toward the evaluation, suitability, selection and monitoring, of nationally recognized independent investment portfolio managers. Before recommending the appropriateness of a portfolio manager for client consideration, I make every effort to clearly understand suitability. A prerequisite for any portfolio manager recommendation is the identification of intermediate and longer term client investment objectives in conjunction with a clear understanding of their risk tolerance.

Through my relationship with Envestnet/PMC Portfolio Consulting Group, I can now offer our clients a firm with a 25 year history of providing advice, tools and strategies for the construction of customized client investment portfolios. The program and process established by Envestnet/ PMC, is a comprehensive, intergraded wealth management platform designed to provide the client with a gateway to leading national and international portfolio managers. Portfolio Management Consultants (PMC) focus their expertise on delivery of risk sensitive customized investment solutions. One aspect of the due diligence process at Portfolio Management Consultants (PMC) is the selection, for review and consideration, only the managers in the top 40% of their overall peer group.

By combining propriety data developed by Portfolio Management Consultants (PMC), in conjunction with critical portfolio manager’s performance and risk statistics, I have isolated an attractive group of portfolio managers representing all investment styles that have demonstrated the attributes I consider extremely important when entrusting a portfolio manager with a portion of client’s assets. I have identified the group as Ferndale Wealth Advisors LLC Selected Portfolio Managers.

In most cases to establish a Separately Managed account with Envestnet/PMC requires a minimum investment of $100,000. Accounts’ employing more than one manager within a single account (Unified Managed Account – UMA) requires minimum investments of $150,000. When you open a SMA account you establish your own personal portfolio with cost basis identified at the time of purchase.

Accountability is a key and mandatory attribute required to be successful in our industry or any industry. We strive to remain true to accountability and integrity by acting with consistency in our actions at Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC.