Our Firm

iStock_000008637912SmallWelcome to Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC an Independent Wayzata, Minnesota based Financial Consulting Firm. Our firm provides wealth advisory service to individuals, families and retirement plans.

Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC is a private wealth services practice in Wayzata, Minnesota. With over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry, we guide clients through the ever changing market conditions and provide the comprehensive financial planning they deserve.

At Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC (FWA) although our focus is narrow it is nevertheless very effective and efficient. At FWA we believe it is unrealistic for us to try to be all things to all clients all the time. Our three main core competencies are:

After a complete analysis of a client’s investment objective and risk tolerance we prepare for client review a customized portfolio representing portfolio manager’s styles that conform to the stated investment objectives and goals expressed by the client. Envestnet/PMC have established modules that represent only  portfolio managers that are ranked in the top 40% of their overall peer group. At FWA we strive, with few exceptions to include only the top 40% in our manager recommendation. Our proposal will compare both risk and performance of your current holdings vs. our proposed asset allocation.

We assist in the management of a client’s portfolio on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis where we help evaluate current investments in relationship to the expressed goals and tolerance for risk outlined in the Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC Confidential Investor Profile Questionnaire. We recommend additions and deletions when appropriate, taking into consideration over concentration and tax ramifications.

 When a need exists and where the investor qualified financially we recommend specific Alternative Investments to provide some degree of diversification and to reduce direct correlation to prevailing market fluctuations. For estate coordination and financial planning we prefer you contact your current legal and accounting professionals or we can recommend respected contacts we have in the professions.

 “The problem with common sense is that common sense isn’t so common.” – Voltaire