Our Mission

boat works pic 2To Our Clients: We will strive to provide a service and asset management that exceeds expectations.

Foundation: Successful relationship foundations are contingent upon our ability to listen carefully to the client’s expressed objectives, goals and risk tolerance.

To Our Prospects: The initial client meeting begins with a realistic and straightforward presentation of our investment style and philosophy.

Our Process: Starts with client completion of the Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC Confidential Investors Profile. We consider this aspect of the process critical.


To Our Resources: Courtesy, understanding, and patience are qualities we try to apply and exercise each day.

Support Worthy Causes: We are committed to active participation in charitable organizations that support the community and society where we live and prosper.

To Our Values & Guidelines: We accept differences, we seek wisdom, we keep confident our word and above all we strive each day to do the right thing.

We believe at Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC. that communication should be frequent, specific and candid. Part of clear communication is being transparent and authentic. Clients trust clarity and distrust ambiguousness.  Honest and straight forward communication establishes and maintains trust.