Our Six-Step Client Process

iStock_000014931748SmallAt Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC, we provide our clients with support and guidance in planning for the future.  FWA follows a specific six-step Process.


1. Establish

During the first step, we develop an understanding of the financial and life style goals of the client. We listen carefully to the expressed and implied client risk parameters. We complete appropriate sections of the Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC Confidential Investor Profile.


2. Define

We confirm expressed risk tolerance. We discuss concerns regarding capital growth, asset preservation, income requirements, retirement funds, educational concerns, wills, trusts and time horizons.

3. Evaluate

We evaluate the confidential information provided by the client. We analyze the client’s current asset allocation and the appropriateness in view of expressed objectives and risk parameters outlined in the investor profile.

4. Develop

After a thorough review of all material, expressed intermediate and long-term goals, we recommend an asset strategy that correlates with the client’s objectives. We are sensitive to the tax ramifications of any recommended action.

5. Implement

During step five we define the rationale supporting our recommendation. Costs will be reviewed. We listen carefully to expressed concerns and address those subjects immediately. If all parties concur with the recommendations, we fund the new account and implement the agreed investment strategy.

6. Report

A client’s account status is reported in monthly statements provided by Pershing, our custodian firm. You can retrieve your account status daily via electronic means.

Daily Portfolio Status Information