Three Main Core Competencies

At Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC we perform three basic and critical functions as financial advisors.


Compass On Woods Path1. We recommend, after a complete analysis of the client’s objectives and risk tolerance, independent institutional portfolio managers, representing various investment styles and most often only managers that rank in the top 40% of their overall peer group. When evaluating the suitability of portfolio managers for any client we take in to consideration;

  •  Assets under Management, Philosophy of the firm, performance measurements.
  •  Alpha, Beta, Standard Deviation, Sharp Rations, R Squared, Return on Equity.
  •  Up and down Market Captures Rations, Sector Allocation, Equity Turnover, PE ratios.
  •  The number of equity positions, Performance for 1, 3, and 5 years and inception.
  •  The portfolio dividend and yield, Investment style and Performance vs. Benchmark.


2. We assist in the management of client portfolios on discretionary and non-discretionary basis where we help evaluate current holdings in relationship to the investor profile and recommend additions and deletions, when appropriate, taking into consideration over concentration and tax ramifications. Factors we evaluate include but not limited to the following;

  •  The sector outlook, current price of equity, P/E Ration, Peg Ratio.
  •  Current and projected earnings outlook, cash and book value per share.
  •  Institutional Participation, 50 day moving averages, analyst recommendations.
  •  Portfolio dividend and yield, S&P and Stock Scouter ratings, Means recommendations.
  •  Return on Equity, Operating Margins, Outside research reports.
  •  Review of various publications like Barron’s and Wall Street Journal.
  •  We review the analyst price objective and percentage return based on current price.

3. We review and recommend, when appropriate, special  Alternatives Investment where, in most cases, provides the client with asset diversification and limited correlation to market fluctuation.

  •  Investment history of the company offering the Alternative Investment.
  •  Size of the offering and suitability requirements.
  •  Type of offering, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Private Placement Medical Device and etc.
  •  Offering objectives and benefits, Client list of firm making the offering.
  •  With alternative investments you need patience and prudence.
  •  For real estate I evaluate yield, structure, escalation provisions, lease types.

The above provides our clients with some comfort with respect to the due diligence conducted prior to any client recommendation. We would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss how Ferndale Wealth Advisors, LLC might be of service.